• Natalie Ventimiglia

The Truth is...

I sat down to write this newsletter and realized it has been 4 months since I have sent one of these out. Where have I been? I’ve been in the river learning how to love. That and I didn't have anything nice to say. Thankfully, I haven’t been in there alone. If you have been in there with me or on either side of the shore...


Truth is, we actually need to learn how to love. How to unconditionally love ourselves no matter what truth we uncover about ourselves and the people we attract into our lives. I recently rewatched a piece of Art in the form of a movie called ARRIVAL I was reminded of several concepts that helped me clarify a few of the seemingly conflicting ideas that were swimming around in the river with me like piranhas. In linguistics, there is a theory called the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis which explores how language determines thought or that language influences thought, which in turn influences behavior. Eventually we will remember how to communicate without words although that is outside the scope of this particular river. What I did remember is that in the Greek language there are up to eight words to express LOVE. Adopting this theory would then imply that those using that language have more nuance in their approach to expressing love. I believe there should be several more words or as I have already touched on, none at all. While in the river, I realized my challenge lies not in whether or not I love the people I attract into my life, yet on HOW BEST to love them. Sometimes that is in small doses and sometimes that is from afar. What I determined is that each relationship, each idea could be looked at individually. Find the overlap, the Vesica Piscis, the Non Zero Sum, the Jesus Fish. Put some boundaries around the overlap and LIVE in the SWEET SPOT.

The difficult part is giving yourself the freedom and grace to first be HONEST with yourself about what it is that you want and what brings you JOY, and then the bravery to be HONEST with others about how that looks in regards to them. The truth is, EVERY TIME I have been honest it has worked out in my favor. EVERY TIME! The sooner the better as lies compound just like interest. Both the ones we tell ourselves and the ones we tell others. Another theme this movie explores (Besides benevolent beings living off planet). is non linear time. This is a topic I am understanding and integrating more and more everyday. An example of how this works can be found in the timing of this article published in Shoutout Colorado, click here to read it! I wrote this article on the importance of truth RIGHT BEFORE I was about to explore some truth of my own. And I am sharing it in the perpetual NOW. RIGHT ON TIME... On some level I knew the truth was coming. If the language I have created with the Universe has convinced me of anything, it is... The time is NOW. There is only the NOW. I woke up a few weeks ago with this riddle stuck in my head.

"What did the alarm clock say to the pineal gland?" "WAKE UP!”

I decided to embrace this because of its' underlining grace. "Hey! You have been sleeping. All good! Yet, it's time to wake up!" This resulted in our latest graphic designs which we are wearing as life jackets.


Photographed: My sister Taylor, My new studio assistant Naomi, and me!

The overlap or the nexus between ideas is where one will find truth. My focus is on the overlap of Art (creativity), Science (observation and experiment), and Spirituality (unity consciousness). If you are interested in exploring your own truth through the overlap of these fields, I have created a portal for you to do that in the form of a class. I have found it is best to take it with friends because when the truth hurts so much you think you might drown, it's pretty great to have some friends in the river with you. Or better yet, someone on the shore of the destination guiding you in. If you venture into the class solo, you will never truly be alone as you will find

I AM HERE taking the class with you.


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