• Natalie Ventimiglia

The Game of Life

Listen to Natalie's interview on Heather's Mind Over Matter podcast by clicking here! Watch the video interview on YouTube HERE!

In our last newsletter we discussed several topics including multiple ways to Love, nonlinear time, and finding the overlap. In this interview with my friend Heather Hakes, we discuss these topics in greater depth, as well as digging deep into mental health, creating a new game for the awakening collective, and being done being mad. Being done being mad gets easier when you start looking at life as the game that it is. When you do this, it's easy to realize that everything and everyone that comes your way is a clue to help you win this game, for everyone. I met Heather a of couple years ago in San Diego on a work trip. Since then we have crossed paths from time to time, at just the perfect moments. Most recently, on the way to a meditation retreat we were both attending, last December in Cancun. We taped this podcast in April of this year, just a few days after I attended a similar event.

Knowing what I know about nonlinear time, I felt it would be a while before she published it. I knew this because as I was speaking the words, I felt I hadn’t fully integrated all of the lessons we discussed. I told myself at the time “She will publish it when I’m done being mad.”

We spent considerable time in the studio clearing this energy… We bought a painting from Leonid Afremov’s studio called “Farewell to Anger"

We lit candles for those we held anger towards.

We forgave without being asked.

We made an effort. We did what we could. Are we done being mad? Are we fully integrated? Only one way to find out…

Keep Playing the Game

I’m a big fan of Heather and her extreme resilience and discernment. If you are looking for a new podcast, check out Mind Over Matter by clicking here! Watch the video interview on YouTube HERE! She has an impressive library waiting for you, as always, right at the perfect moment, NOW! If you are interested in exploring your own truth through the overlap of Art, Science, and Spirituality, I have created a portal for you to do that in the form of a class. I have found it is best to take it with friends because when the truth hurts so much you think you might drown, it's pretty great to have some friends in the river with you. Or better yet, someone on the shore of the destination guiding you in. If you venture into the class solo, you will never truly be alone as you will find I AM HERE taking the class with you.


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