Oceanside Glass & Tile Corporate Conference Commission

The Challenge


In October of 2018, Oceanside Glass & Tile was scheduled to attend the Glasstec Conference in Germany, an international trade fair. They attended in partnership with TGK, one of their distributors. Oceanside Glass & Tile had recently made the decision to streamline the production of their glass to increase value, versatility, and sustainability. This decision also increased the price of a portion of their product line. These changes had the potential to create confusion and tension with some long-term clients, and Oceanside wanted to use the conference as an open space for discussion with clientele. The company's owners sought a work of art that could showcase the myriad of colors and styles of glass products that they carry in action, while also serving the greater purpose of establishing a united and open environment for communication and discussion of recent changes.

A Functional Work of Art

Oceanside Glass & Tile commissioned artist Natalie Ventimiglia to create a functional work of art to meet the company's needs and set the tone of the conference. Following Natalie's artistic process of Intentional Reflection, they began by informing her of the function of the space in which the art would occupy. Next, Natalie and Oceanside's executives took a dive into the personal story of the company that the art would capture. After their collaborative efforts, Natalie began her personal process of creating a functional piece that would showcase a wide range of colors and styles of glass that the company produces, as well as transform the environment of the conference to set the communicative, connected tone that Oceanside Glass & Tile needed. 

Natalie created a piece inspired by the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry as the building block of creation to be universally recognized by all who viewed it. This universality of recognition opened the space for a theme of unity and acceptance to ease the transition of the company and clientele through recent changes. This transformational piece, The Merkabah, was created so that it could ship with ease as multiple smaller pieces from Natalie's studio in Denver, CO to the Glasstec Conference in Germany for installation.

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Due to the temporary nature of this exhibit, this work is in storage in Germany and looking for another environment where there is a need for unity, transformation, and acceptance.

Employee Testimonial

“Having worked the glass trade show circuit, we wanted to imbue our booth with a sense of life and as much color as we could to contrast the monotone sea of white and grey displays. Natalie is a master – the Merkabah piece perfectly captures the range of what we make, as well as, who we are as Team OGT; a living mosaic of passion and prowess, fused together with a little Southern California mojo.”  -Vince Moiso, President of Oceanside Glass & Tile

Watch Natalie's video about the Merkabah!