Perfect Imperfection

The Lesson In A Commission

For a long time now, I have known that my work has the ability to hold an intention that could be felt by those in the presence of it.  Over time I realized it carried an activation that opened a portal to your greatest potential, direct access to your Higher Self. I can’t exactly explain how I know this, I can only say that when one opens themselves up to hearing messages from God and the Universe, you begin to create your own personal language that leads you down a path to your Divine Purpose. This is what I hope for all my fellow travelers, that you find the answers within.

This commission started with a text from my friend Lori who was about to celebrate her 19th wedding anniversary. She wanted me to make a glass heart with a crack in it to symbolize how her heart had endured even though it had been broken by the things her and her husband had been through in their lives. Lori is the real deal when it comes to friendship and has the type of resilience that comes from love, so I was excited to make this for her.


The way this art making process works for me is that it starts with a need, someone wants some art and, somehow, they were guided to me. It creates a back and forth dialog that allows the art to speak to me through the process of making it. I eventually learned to give the art space to evolve and be what it needs to be to the individual viewer. So I began this commission without expectation. I put the heart in my kiln with an aggressive firing schedule that would normally crack the glass on the way up to a peak fusing temp and then fuse it back together once that max temp was reached. The final effect would be a solid piece with a scar where the crack once was.

When the kiln cycle was finished I was surprised to find that glass did not break. In that moment, I believed it was because they were never broken. This is the same message I had received while making an installation for the Highlands Ranch Hospital about a year ago, so I thought that maybe I needed to hear the message again.

"You were never broken."

perfectly imperfect.jpg

I gave what I believed to be the finished piece over to Lori, and she mounted it in her home. A few months went by before I received a message from her--the piece was broken. I couldn't help but hear the true meaning of this event loud and clear in that moment and understand that the glass was meant to be broken after all, because their hearts were broken. I realized I didn't want to believe any of us are broken, so I wouldn't accept the truth initially. Around the same time period, broken pieces of art were showing up in my life in other areas. Love In the Lesson was a piece of mine that was requiring a small repair, which I later decided to shatter into hundreds of pieces in a moment of feeling especially broken. As I repair that piece and Lori's heart piece, I have been confronted with the realization that our hearts have been broken.

By embracing the beauty and strength in the scars we bear, I learned that it's okay to recognize that this place can break you. It requires moving forward and taking ownership of where you've been. I was broken. Now what? Keep rebuilding and keep moving forward, just as we have to do. It's important to remember where we've been, what has broken us, so that we don't need to repeat it.


  As I do with all my clients, I asked Lori to write a testimonial about her experience and this is what she wrote:

So Imperfect That It's Perfect

"I can't thank you enough for creating such a masterpiece. I couldn't of dreamed up a better heart for Jeff and I. So imperfect that it's perfect!" -Lori

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I can see now how important it is to collaborate as we each hold a piece of the puzzle. The process of self awakening is how we wake up others and serve the Collective, serve God. These answers are found within. 


In an effort to spread this awareness, my team and I have made available low cost items you can look at everyday that will open a portal to your own understanding that you are Imperfectly Perfect and your perception of reality is what creates your reality.

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