Family Home Commission

Two Commissions in Two Years

The Moats family commissioned Natalie Ventimiglia in 2017 to create a piece for their family kitchen, a common area for coming-together and family time. The family wanted the piece to bring a grounding energy to the room, inspired by the grounded energy of the mountains.

The house was fairly monochromatic, so Natalie was given the freedom to work with a wide and bold palette to create this work of art. The family loved the impact of the first work to their home and commissioned Natalie again a year later to work on a second piece for upstairs.


Inspired By The Rockies

In true Yin Yang fashion, the Moats family wanted the upstairs piece to interact and withhold the grounding energy of the first piece while emphasizing open and expansive energy. Once again inspired by the mountains, the Moats family wanted their art to embody the firmly grounded, yet expansive and powerful energy found within the Rockies. 


After exploring placement options within the house, Natalie and the family decided that a spot near the stairs would be best. This allowed the piece to be in an open and highly visible space. There was other art near the installation spot for this new piece, so Natalie had to keep this in mind and ensure her piece complemented the other. Natalie created a small sample of the piece that she would create for the family to approve before the final product was made. Slight changes were requested by the family, and Natalie created a final piece that exactly matched the vision and changes that the family desired.