Corson Dentistry Commission

The Process In Action

Natalie puts her Intentional Reflection Process to work as she creates a special piece for an office of dental work.

The Story


Artist At Work

Corson Dental Group commissioned Natalie to create a calming work of art to increase feelings of safety and comfort while in the waiting room at their dental office. The office is high-tech with deluxe, spa-like services offered to clients while getting dental work done. Therefore it was important that Natalie take this office identity into account when creating the piece. 

To meet these goals, Corson Dental Group collaborated with Natalie to settle on calming blue tones to relax clients and a textured look to be eye-catching while distracting from feelings of nervousness. The design was inspired by the"evil eye," a symbol of protection in order to promote feelings of safety. The office already had other works of art, so it was important that Natalie create a design that would complement the feel of the room and uphold the expectations of clients and employees alike.

After coming together with her client, Natalie went to work at sketching a design. Once this was approved, she began to work at her kiln to create the transformational piece for Corson Dental Group. Below are some pictures of her process.



Since the installation of Natalie's art, the employees at Corson Dental Group have noticed a change in the atmosphere of their workplace. The employees have become very conscious of the energy they present to the patients and the energy that they carry with them throughout the day. This is the kind of intention that Natalie puts into her work and wishes to get out of it by creating art that holds a space for transformative energy that enables the environment and those within it to move towards their greatest potential.

Research has shown that companies that install art create a more productive work environment and a more welcoming environment for clientele. This is because investing in art for a work space means investing in employee and customer experience, which fosters an environment that emphasizes the importance of employee and customer well-being.

Watch the installation video here!

Employee Testimonial

“It’s funny, when I first walked into the office after Natalie’s art work was placed my full attention had been grabbed. I had no idea that this piece was in the works, yet when I walked in on a Monday morning there it was. I found myself getting really close to the art. It looked so strong, yet so delicate. Not only was I admiring the amount of talent, patience, and creativity that must have gone into making such a wonderful work of art; I also found myself admiring the intricacy behind hanging a heavy and fragile glass piece of that size. It’s bolted and secure with out taking any attention away from the art. So thoughtfully placed to catch the eye of our patients walking in. A statement piece which laces the room with a calming energy. Perfect for our dental practice. Now, I’m a believer... and I will tell you that since Natalie’s art work has found its way into our office we have been surrounded by fulfilling energy. Our patients are constantly asking about the symbolism, about the artist, and commenting on how beautiful and alluring it is. Natalie’s art work has the ability to capture our patients attention, allowing them to redirect their energy making them feel safe and calm in the entry way of a dental practice.” - Ashley Ryan

"A couple of years ago, Natalie placed a beautiful piece of art in our reception area.  When patients walk in, it is one the first things they notice and it gives off an energy in the room that can be felt as soon as you are in presence of the art work.  Not to mention it is one of a kind special for our office.  Natalie measures 20 times and makes it perfect the first time, I highly recommend her."  -Joshua Vialpando