Conscious Commissions

Below you can find the document that overviews my process of Intentional Reflection for creating commissions. I use this process to best spark the awakening of the intended audience. My process requires collaboration with the client and to find out what the piece needs to embody in order awaken and enlighten . Keep scrolling to see an example of a recent commission where Natalie discusses how she applied her process to break a karmic loop that was negatively affecting her client.

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Commission Example

Natalie was commissioned to create a memorial piece for a client who had recently lost his father. During the co-creation phase of her process, Natalie learned that this client and his family had experienced many losses--they lost a sibling at a very young age and another had been murdered. There was so much death surrounding this client not only in his family but in all areas of his life.  Although this piece would be memorial for the client's father, Natalie knew that it must also serve a greater personal purpose to the client. By arriving at the story, Natalie discovered that the client was living in a karmic loop of love and loss. Natalie knew she must imbue the piece with the intention to break the karmic loop surrounding her client. 


Above are some pictures of the piece in process. Natalie thoroughly discusses the meaning and intention behind every detail of the piece in a 12 minute video she created for the client. You can find this video below if you'd like to hear more about it. In summary, this piece was to bring healing by breaking the karmic loop. She began with the red color to represent the dominating root chakra, which contains a deep purple inside of the pieces to represent the awakening of the crown chakra. To bring healing to the family as a whole, Natalie brought each of them into the piece by carefully choosing the colors. The red is combination of the father and mother. The purple represents the father who had passed at the age of 99, "the enlightened root". She then intertwined the vibrant orange of the mother as she heard this as "she lights up my life." The blue across the piece represents the five children of the family. There are five different blues in there--3 opaque and 2 transparent. The transparent blues represent the children in the family who have passed. Right after adding the blue strip to the piece, it cracked apart in the center. Natalie heard this as "it broke our hearts," and she felt the pain brought on by the loss of two of the siblings. She then realized that the blue had created a 9, which is the number of completion, meaning the karmic loop has been completed and will be cleared for all those affected. The final detail added was the rainbow strip across the piece. This represents the father's unconditional love throughout the client's life. This consistent source of love transcends duality in the realization that you no longer need the dark to experience the Light.

Commissions like this one are what made Natalie's new metal Circle Series possible. Natalie takes high definition images of the commissions and turns them into metal art that can be purchased by anyone who needs the healing of the intention imbued within the piece. If someone is running a karmic program of love and loss, for example, they could purchase the vibration of this commission as a metal piece for their own work/home.

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This circle & many other designs are available for purchase as singles or in sets on Natalie's metal art site: