Breaking Barriers


This page was written by the recipient of the art.


"For anyone that doesn’t know, my job since I’ve moved to Denver has been working for an amazing local glass artist. It’s easily the coolest job I’ve ever had & one I didn’t think I’d fit well with since I’m far from an artist! However, Natalie and I clicked from the beginning & she’s taught me a lot. She’s basically my spiritual mentor at this point 😂 
Once Evan and I moved into our new place, she gave us flowers and gifted me this beautiful piece she created. It’s about breaking out of a mold and being outside of the box, and it’s kind of a nod to my & Ev’s aspirations and career journeys. We were  so excited to get this piece up in our new place and grateful to bring some color & enlightened art into our home. Thank you so much Natalie Ventimiglia!"