Colorado based artist, Natalie Ventimiglia, explores her inner-world through a spiritual lens. Utilizing flameworking and kiln formed techniques, Ventimiglia creates colorful, expressionistic, conceptually self-reflective compositions. Her glass artwork is both, whimsical and systematic; mirroring two worlds in opposition. According to Ventimiglia, freedom, and breaking boundaries is a constant pursuit. The artist states, "In my younger years I struggled with my identity, I felt pressure to conform, abide by a certain social structure, but I wanted to chart my own path. Making art has always been my journey to freedom, a way of finding balance."


Ventimiglia received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Michigan State University in 1995. Her college education is directly linked to her interest in glass art-making. The technical side of her creative process is a constant trial and error endeavor; a chemical balancing act. "You have to consider what the glass wants to do, and work within those parameters to achieve a desirable result."


Ventimiglia has exhibited her work in notable art institutions such as the University of Berkeley in San Francisco, The Glass Wheel gallery in Norfolk, the Denver Botanical Gardens, and La Napoule Art Foundation. In addition, Ventimiglia has been commissioned by a myriad of corporate institutions such as the Lockheed Martin, Corson Dental Group, Butler Snow Law Firm, Children’s Hospital, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, Mental Health of Denver, Exempla Good Samaritan-Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Sonny’s Rocks Fine Jewelry Store.


Her work was selected "Best of Santa Fe" for the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, Colorado. Also, her work was featured in 5280 Magazine and the Glass Craftsman Magazine. Natalie Ventimiglia is currently represented by piece Gallery in Vail CO, The Art Source and Element fine art gallery in Denver, Colorado.